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Hospital Program

Mater Mothers, Queensland

It has been the vision of Mumma Got Skills from the very beginning that we get our workshops into hospitals in order to reach mothers waiting to give birth or mothers with babies in ICU. We know how incredibly stressful and isolating this time can be and we see craft as a tool to be present and have a moment to breathe.

At the conclusion of 2019 and almost a year of emails and finding the right connections, we finally made our vision a reality. With the support and guidance of the Mater Occupational Therapy team, particularly Mary Matthews, we ran our pilot series of 6 workshops in November. We were able to measure our impact through pre and post workshop surveys and our report found that overwhelmingly, these workshops made women feel connected, satisfied and relaxed. 

After a successful funding round through The Mater Foundation and a pivot to comply with COVID restrictions, we are proud to be offering more workshops online in 2020 and beyond. 

If you are at the Mater and interested in joining the workshops, please contact your Occupational Therapist.

If you are interested in having these workshops run at your hospital or facility, please contact Carlie here.

Smiling Pregnant Woman
Making Paper Craft Art

Testimonials (anonymous to protect privacy):

'This was amazing! Thanks for being able to offer us things to keep the day moving  and for us to look forward to. It's made such a difference to my day today. I also get a beautiful mobile to take home.'


'It was such a nice experience. Spending time with other mums and creating something beautiful. I've not laughed and smiled this much since I was admitted.'

'Amazing! So nice to be out of my bed and surrounded by warm, friendly and helpful people. Made me laugh and smile. Thank you.

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