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Kids Feather Wands

When I asked my kids what they wanted to make - this was it! Feather wands inspired by Bluey!

We are a Bluey house, the dance intro gets us every time and honestly it's the only show we can all happily agree to watch. Needless to say we have it on a lot.

The feather wands were easy to make and afterwards gave the kids a chance for some creative play outside. Best part there wasn't much mess to clean up, so I got to enjoy some down time watching them create their own joy and fun!


Water colour paints

Sticks found from the garden, nature walks

Strips of fabric 2cm wide x 30cm long (we used cotton but calico, old t-shirt would work)


3 Pipe cleaners


Materials available in our craft kit.


1. We gave the fabric strips a quick soak in water before we started painting using the water colours. The kids loved seeing the effect on the fabric run through and all the colours mixing to create a pretty paint effect.

2. Next step you can wait for the paint to dry in the sun or go right ahead in wrapping around the sticks. You can tie a simple knot at the start and finish.

3. Using 1 pipe cleaner wrap to secure the feathers at the top and then you can continue wrapping the pipe cleaners adding beads as you go. This should hug the fabric to the stick and hold everything together.

Now your set. Let's play!

Shop Materials here.

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