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Kids Hand Puppets

Learn how to make an easy fish hand puppet with video tutorial.

A simple and crafty fun project for young children. This craft is suitable for toddlers (with assistance), right up to Primary-age children. A great introduction in puppetry and can be used as a template for many more ideas!


A4 Card, Paper or Foam (thicker the better)





Google Eyes

Popsicle Stick

PVA glue

Cotton Buds


Pom Poms


Tissue Paper


(Buy Materials Here)


Video Tutorial Here.

1. Trace around your hand (with fingers splayed and thumb facing down.

*tip: if using paper, fold over before tracing.

2. Cut around hand and place on side.

This is a great chance to practice those cutting skills!

3. Glue on a google eye and draw on a mouth.

4. Use PVA glue to make lines ready for sequins or other decorations of your choice.

5. Use a cotton bud to help you stick the sequins down. If too time consuming, scatter sequins and let them dry to the glue before shaking loose ones off the paper.

6. Apply more glue to other areas of your puppet and sequin away!

Finished Sequins!

7. Wait for puppet to dry before adding glue to popsicle stick and attaching to the back.

What other creatures can you make with your hand?

Kids Craft Hand Puppets

Watch Video Tutorial below!

All materials used are part of our Mumma Got Skills kits. Find them here.

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