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Why Craft with Mumma Got Skills? (Guest Post).

As we roll into 2020 I am so excited to begin our Mumma got skills workshops in Kenmore Hills for the second time running. Craft, cake, conversation and connection is what it’s all about.

I feel so honoured to bring mothers together and I cannot wait to start and meet our new group. The classes are all about getting creative and the lovely part is every week you actually get to make something that you can feel proud of and have that time to enjoy with your baby. Our workshops are all about mums clearing their minds and trying something new. The crafts are designed for bub's development, sensory awareness and always encourage play and curiosity.

Honestly you don’t have to be good at craft to join up, the classes are for all, not just the arty d.i.y types. I believe if any mum has managed to get themselves dressed, feed and change bub, AND get out the door then you are winning already! I guarantee that when you get to Mumma Got Skills you can leave your stress and worries at the door. We all need to take that deep breath, to pause and be in the moment, to connect back with ourselves, our baby and to just let go in the fun of making.

As a mum of 3, life has certainly changed and I am feeling my way through it all with young children. The whirlwind of the newborn stage, toddlers and even school age kids gets so busy and we can lose ourselves in the everyday doing. We are constantly trying to get it all done in caring for our families. So these classes are a way for mothers to find joy in the little things again and giving them the space to fill their own cup back up.

I am so grateful that art and craft has always been my way of catching myself when life is going full speed ahead and I am so excited to share my love of craft and all things motherhood with our group.

For any Mummas who have been thinking about coming along, I hope you do.

Let’s make time to get crafty because we can and eat the cake too. Everything is possible. Happy New Year!

Much love, Jess xx

Jess Kee is our wonderful and much loved Mums and Bubs facilitator. Jess is a mother, all round creative being and incredible host.

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