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Wooden Peg Fairies

I have three little girls and they love fairies. I love watching them use their imaginations, pretending to be fairies running around outside. The wooden pegs in the craft kit are perfect for making a set of little fairies that all children can enjoy!

These fairies are a bit harder for little ones to make and they do require a hot glue gun but they are so much fun and create hours of imaginative play both indoors and out. I got my girls to choose the colours for the fairies dresses, wings and hair. If you have children with good scissor skills, allow them to help cut out the felt and feathers. My six year old enjoyed being able to cut a rough rectangle in the felt and cutting the feathers in half. I then fixed up the triangle and trimmed the feathers to shape.


Wooden Pegs




Hot Glue Gun


Black and Red thin felt tip pens

Materials available in our craft kit.


1. Choose the colour of felt you want for your fairy. Cut the felt into a rectangle of approximately 5cm. You want the felt to just meet at the back when wrapped around the peg, In the middle of your rectangle cut out a small 'V' shape to create the illusion of a neck and shoulders.

2. Cut two feathers in half and remove the pointed base.

3. Hot glue the felt and feathers in place. Glue the centre of the dress in place first and either side of the connecting felt at the back. Then glue the feathers on the seam of the dress. Trim the feathers to look wing-like.

4. Cut some wool for hair. You want enough wool to cover the head but not too much that wool goes everywhere while playing (yes this is from personal experience). Fold the wool in half and keep halving till you have desired length and thickness.

5.Glue the wool into place and cut the looped ends. Trim ends even.

6. Using your black pen draw on eyes and using a red pen draw on a smile.

Your fairies are ready to play with and bring stories to life!

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